Welsh Yew and Sycamore Mirrored Set.


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I've wanted to make a duel color mirrored set for a while but never quite made it happen until now. The Yew and Sycamore I cut and dried over a year ago was ready to use so I took the opportunity and made the set. 

The holds are all fine sanded and polished to show the amazing grain and figure in the wood. All the faces of the holds that you grip are sanded to 120g to leave texture and grain for climbing on.

This set has generous size round overs on all the holds making it comfortable for almost any angle however is best suited for 7'th grade climbing on walls between 30 ° and 50 ° 

The set includes: 

10x 30mm crimps with 27.5 ° in-cut

4x 20mm crimps with 35 ° in-cut 

4 in-cut pinches

2 flat sided pinches 


  • Contoured edges for comfort
  • Stainless screw inserts
  • Hand made in North Wales 
  • Made from Yew and Sycamore

Fixings (not included):

  • 2/3x ​5mm wood screws