One-Hand Warm-up Board


Only 5 left!

Small and light but punching above its weight for utility! 

Made from solid hardwood these boards have 25mm upper and 20mm lower edges with a large round over on the back to make a comfortable jug. 

The boards hang flat when attached with both sides of the 5mm cord or if only the front cord is used the edges become in-cut when pulled on. When both cords are used the boards do not twist or rotate once pulled and remain nice and flat. 

 Available in: Sapele (1st photo), Beech (2nd photo) & Iroko (3rd photo). 

  • 16cm x 5cm x 3.2cm. Approximately 150g
  • Contoured edges for comfort
  • Hand made in North Wales 
  • DMM cord rated to 6Kn (not to be used at height) 

Please be advised - Import taxes and duty will need to be paid separately on international orders.