Final Payment for set of 200 + 60 footholds


Only 1 left!

As discussed via Email:


Boulder problems 6C-7B for my partner

12x  crimp pairs
6x positive edge pairs
6x rounded edge pairs
3x medium pinche pairs
3x large pinch pairs
4x sloper pairs
2x 2F pocket pairs
2x large undercut pairs
2x  Longer finishing rails

Boulder problems 7B-8A for me

10x micro/ high angle crimp pairs
8x small / standard crimp pairs
6x rounded / slopey edge pairs
8x pinche pairs
4x sloper pairs
1x 2F pocket pair
1x Mono pair
2x undercut crimp pairs

Enough slightly bigger holds to make some short endurance circuits at ~8a

5x Positive edge pairs 
5x Crimp pairs
4x Positive pinch pairs 
4x Flatty / open hand / sloping pairs
2x Longer finishing rails

30 half-hex & 30 domed footholds.