Duel-tone Maple and Mahogany - Easy - Medium


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Made from laminated Mahogany  and American Hard Maple to created a high contrast and eye catching set of holds. Both woods are incredibly durable and have a fantastic tight grain along with the Stainless Steel screw inserts these holds will last a lifetime. 

The holds in this set are well suited to climbing in the high 6's and low 7's on a 30-45° board. Large comfortable roundovers along with the incut on the holds would make these suitable for both lower (20°) and higher angle boards (50°) .

This set contains:

2 in-cut (27.5°)  long edges ∼32mm 

1 Large in-cut (10°) pinch

1 Skinny in-cut (10°) pinch

1 Jug

 Contorted edges for comfort

  • Stainless screw inserts
  • Hand made in North Wales 
  • Made from sustainable Made from laminated Mahogany and American Hard Maple

Fixings (not included):

  • 2/3x ​5mm wood screws