Yosimite Valley - El Cap & Half Dome


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Yosemite Valley is known as 'The Valley' for good reason, it's huge and full to the brim with beautiful goliaths of granite and some of the worlds best climbing.

I have had some wild experiences on Yosemite big walls and perfect days out cragging round the valley floor. The scenery is iconic and Yosemite holds so much history in world climbing I knew it had to be part of this series of holds. 

The edges come as a pair with El Capitan on one and Half Dome on the other. They are mirrored, 23mm thick and 30° in-cut making them suitable for boards between 30° and 50°

  • 23mm deep
  • Contorted edges for comfort
  • Stainless screw inserts
  • Hand made in North Wales 
  • Made from Sapele, a dense and fine grained, dark hardwood

Fixings (not included):

  • 3x ​5mm wood screws