Starter set of 10


Available Now!

The best way to get your board started! 

A set of mirrored holds available with three levels of in-cut so you can find get the correct holds for your setup and level:

1# Flat tops and faces on all holds (good for vert walls or walls up to 20°

2# 15° in-cut rails and crimps with Flat sided pinches  (good for walls up to ~30° or steeper if your a beast) 

3# 30° in-cut rails and crimps with 10°  in-cut  pinches (good for walls up to ~50° or down to 20° for easier climbing and warm-ups) 


This set of 10 contains 5 mirrored pairs:

2x  Rails

2x  Fat Pinches

2x  Medium Pinches

2x   Small Pinches


2x  Low Profile Crimps 

These are made from a mix of different wood types and hold may be made from a different combination of wood than shown in the photo. 


Please be advised - Import taxes and duty will need to be paid separately on international orders.