Set of 5 Small Colorful Crimps


Available Now!

A Colorful set of 5 small, in-cut crimps to fit in-between lager holds and add variety and high angle crimp training to your board.

The crimps vary in size from 15mm to 22mm and are picked to give a varied set, if you particularly want extra small or slightly larger ones, or are dead set on particular colors just leave a note or email with your order. 

Varied colorful woods including Purple Heart, Walnut, Oak, Rose Wood, Mahogany, Laburnum and Zebrano. 

We have used these on boards up to 50° to create harder problems however they are suitable on most angles for some hard crimping. 

  • Stainless screw inserts
  • Hand made in North Wales p.
  • All our woods are FSC certified

Fixings (not included):

  • ​5mm wood screws


Please be advised - Import taxes and duty will need to be paid separately on international orders.