Coconut and Maple Duel Texture set of 8


Sold Out

A mirrored set of Coconut and Maple duel texture holds, coconut to bring the 1970's lycra vibes and maple to bring the perfect texture and material for an edge. 

25mm crimps with bowed, curved and dished tops all with a 27.5° in-cut making  comfortable 1.5 pad holds, 10° in cut pinches with a comfortable round over makes this set suitable for any wall but they are most suited to angles greater than 20°.

Possible the coolest looking holds I've ever made... 

  • Contoured edges for comfort
  • Stainless screw inserts
  • Hand made in North Wales 
  • Made from Coconut and Maple

Fixings (not included):

  • 2x ​5mm wood screws